my treatments

I offer a unique facial treatment (note: I do not remove blackheads) combined with Thai Yoga.

In the treatment I use all kinds of stones that I have produced in China and sell all over the world (although not in this country).

These are ancient techniques and methods that encourage blood flow and regenerate cells.

In the treatment we will work on cleansing the facial skin manually, without electrical equipment.

Exfoliation / mask / and massages are used, all aimed at cleansing toxins, stimulating and renewing skin cells. The result is well-groomed, natural, clean and healthy skin.

The combination of facial treatment and intracellular yoga (stretching, pressing and more) creates an empowering experience. Your body goes into relaxation, and the feeling is one of total bliss.

The body affects the mind, and the mind affects both the skin and body. I treat the two as one.

Please note, the treatment is for women only!

So if you are connected to the treatment concept, and you love touch, I would love to meet you!

Thank you, Gal!


Success story

My uniqueness and success in therapy is also built from the vast experience, and knowledge I have gained, and acquired over the course of my life. Even today, I continue to study, and explore, many topics and areas, this is my love. I pass on my knowledge and professional abilities to my clients.